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Manufacturer Part Number:LY-20017

Fits: 912 921 906 904 902 W 16W. Easy installation, plug and play.

2Pcs 921 3020 30 SMD LED Bulbs. Voltage: 9v-30v Size: 40mm x 16mm x 7mm (1.57" in x .63” in x .27” in)
One year warranty against manufacturring defects. Fits Japanese, American, Car, Truck, Trailers & RV’s.Application: Backup reverse light (only) built in CAN-bus, Error Free.
NOTE: resistor / decoder may be needed for European vehicles to prevent flickering or dashboard error code.
Compatible with W16W Standard Bulb.Check your owners manual to confirm proper bulb size. Measure light compartment for fit. LED replacements can be slightly larger than OEM incandescent bulbs.

Dimensions:40mm(1.57in) x 16mm(0.63in) x 7mm(0.27in)
Unique 360 degree lighting ensures optimum visibility
Bulbs are shock and vibration proof
Low heat generation ensures a longer bulb life
What are CAN Bus Bulbs?
CAN Bus LED bulbs are simple plug-and- play LED bulbs which are made specifically for CAN Bus-equipped vehicles. These bulbs work with your vehicle's advanced computer system, so when your vehicle's computer reads them, they respond back correctly.
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